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An Inspector Calls


September 2013

Toured Hoxne, Lowestoft, Halesworth, Diss, Laxfield, Beccles

The Birling family's celebratory dinner is interrupted by the arrival of an inspector investigating the suicide of a young, working-class woman. But how could members of this wealthy, influential family possible have any connection with such a tragedy?

This fast-paced production by Open Space switches the drama from its original pre-First World War setting to the early 1980s - the years when Margaret Thatcher was at the height of her power.

An Inspector Calls, by J B Priestley, Open Space Theatre Company, Fisher Theatre, Bungay, and on tour


REVIEW (East Anglian Daily Times)

JB Priestley’s masterfully crafted tale of lies, self-delusion and guilt is touring our region by the respected Open Space group.

It’s a dance round suspicions and characters with things to hide, lives turned upside down, reputations destroyed and generational perspectives. Director David Green cleverly balances moods, tensions and undercurrents.

Peter Sowerbutts plays the pompous head of the family with his business under threat; Yves Green his equally insufferable wife. Cathy Gill is their daughter, a young woman with a conscience, engaged to an unlikeable, gormless younger version of her father, played by Darren France.

Warwick Manning portrays the hapless, ne’er-do-well younger son and Tim Hall presents the mysterious Inspector who mercilessly peels away their outer coats of self-satisfaction. They are a formidable ensemble.

Themes of money, big business, exploitation, prosperity, hypocrisy and responsibility for others are universal and as relevant today as the 1940s when it was written. The political and moralising messages are not overdone. It’s a stimulating evening for all ages, including young people who study the text for GCSE.

David Porter
(review appeared in Eastern Daily Press and East Anglian Daily Times)












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